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Whoops! You've already paw-chased this bear.

Whoops! You've already paw-chased this membership.

Ralph has been created using a mix of both plush and Alpaca fur.

Ralph has creamy coloured Alpaca fur covering his muzzle and inner ears while the rest of his body has been loving hand made using mid and long length plush fabrics in black.

His nose, mouth and tickly toe detailing upon his sculptured paws, have all been hand embroidered and he features the signature Charlie Bears "who me?" look that we all know and love.

Around Ralph's neck, you will find a silver satin ribbon tied into a bow.

This beautiful bear is limited to 3000 pieces world wide and will come with a certificate that certifies that he is a Plumo Bear.

37cm/14.5"/12Bear Paws

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