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Marigold is part of a trio of panda's who are all part of the 2021 Isabelle Collection. She has been created using alpaca hair in two shades which include winter white and sunshine yellow. Her adorable little yellow nose has been hand stitched and so has her mouth and tickly toes detailing upon her sculptured paws. She wears a yellow organza ribbon which is tied into a bow around her next and also a floral embellished headpiece that wraps itself around her body. Her tear drop markings really allow the eye whites behind her shiny black glass eyes to stand out which gives her that signature Charlie Bears "who me"? look. Marigold  is limited in production to 300 pieces world-wide and will come with her very own numbered certificate and navy-blue Isabelle embroidered bag.



Recommended for ages 14 years +

Bear height: 30cm/12"/10Bear Paws

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