Clumsy Claws

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Whoops! You've already paw-chased this bear.

Whoops! You've already paw-chased this membership.

Clumsy Claws is nearly 6ft tall and almost 8 stone in weight so not as easy to house as most of our bears but boy is he gorgeous and was number two to be designed in this new set of four extra large bears. He has a toffee caramel coloured plush which has been accented with a light caramel crescent to his chest. He has the same light caramel plush to his face and muzzle and a gorgeous hand embroidered nose. He has huge paws and feet and these along with his kind and simple expression earnt him his name of Clumsy Claws. Like his fellow big bears he will be tricky to find as he has been made to order and there are only 100 worldwide.


Bear height: 183cm / 72" / 61 Bear Paws

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