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Whoops! You've already paw-chased this bear.

Whoops! You've already paw-chased this membership.

Following the highly popular Marionettes series in the 2020 Isabelle Collection, this year we bring you Charlie Bears "All the World's a Stage" series in the 2021 Plush Collection.

Adelphi is an adorable marionette bunny created using a fawn-coloured plush, with Winter white features.

She has a hand embroidered nose, mouth and tickly toe detailing upon her sculptured feet.

She comes accessorized with a caramel-coloured collar edged in lace, and completed with a thin ribbon which has been tied into a bow.

Adelphi will be limited in production to only 1000 pieces worldwide and will come with her very own certificate


Recommended for ages 3 years +

Bear height: 36cm/14"/12Bear Paws

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